Instantly Stop Snoring ... a simple, affordable self-mold mouthguard for men and women

Try this simple test..... 

  • First make a snoring noise...ensuring you are snoring through the throat and not the nose (there's a difference!) 
  • Then, move your lower jaw slightly forward and now try to make  the snoring noise again.  Try it lying down on your back too. 
  • Moving the mandible (jaw) very slightly forward actually moves the tongue muscle forward slightly also, which clears the airways and prevents your tongue from dropping back and vibrating or blocking the airways intermittently.  It's that simple! 
  • Mandibular Advancement Therapy has been used for decades and dentists and sleep clinics do custom make these devices.  These are the affordable, self mold version (since 2004) and they work just as well for just about everybody!  The exceptions are people with very pronounced overbites or underbites, missing teeth in a row and loose or double dentures.  Please click here to read about how the snore guard can still be used with a simple chinstrap.

Why treat snoring? 

  • Snoring is cited as the third most common cause of divorce and around a quarter of all couples sleep apart due to it. 
  • Untreated snoring can lead to resentment within the relationship and at any time around half of all couples report being tired from disrupted sleep with their partners. 
  • People who have not had correct sleep are around 7 times  more likely to be involved in a fatigue related accident and around 11% of snorers in one study reported having fallen asleep at the wheel.
  • Snoring is also bad for you and your partners' health in both the short and long term.  Thankfully these days - it's easy to treat.

Why do we snore?  Snoring is caused by the tongue dropping back to the respiratory structures of the throat and vibrating against the airways. It is mainly as a result of the aging process where throat muscles become lax, but it can also be caused by gaining a little weight or taking muscle relaxants such as sleeping pills or alcohol and even herbal sleep remedies.  Ironically the more relaxed we are, sadly the more we may snore.  When you are in REM sleep all the muscles of your body totally relax except for those required for breathing.  At this point if you happen to be lying on your back, (or for some people position does not matter), then the throat muscles relax and sag even more than during various other sleep stages.  This is why people often report their partner snores more at some points of the night.  It's not all totally due to positioning though certainly back sleeping contributes the most to throat muscle collapse.  You can imagine therefore that because your airflow is suddenly restricted many times a night as the tongue drops back and either partially or  sometimes completely blocks the airways, that you fail to reach the required sleep stages for the required amount of time. Consequently you may feel exhausted - and so will  your partner!  Snoring can be the culprit in weight loss problems due to hormonal imbalances and around 40% of people 40+ snore (and the percent climbs higher the older we get). 

"...The mouthguard is working well.  When I searched online for a product such as yours your website impressed me with the level of information and your degree of caring.  Your desire to reach out and assist if the need should arise is rare and admirable in this day and age!" Dee

"... It works....thankyou.  My husband had it on last night, fell asleep, and for the first time in 50 years didn't snore.  Thank you so much! Joan"  


Click to listen to our interview about why we snore and how the guard will help.....

How does the snore guard work?  Mold your snore guard with the simple, comprehensive instructions and insert before sleep. Your lower jaw is held very slightly forward and stable, thereby preventing your tongue from dropping back and vibrating on the soft palate or blocking the airways.   

"...wonderful results. ..believe me. My husband has snored for years and I got to the point of being so angry and very teary. It has put us back in the same bedroom and I sleep all night. And he is feeling so much better. No longer lethargic and exercising every day. ...and lost weight. Liz you have done enough. should be doing marriage counseling. Can't thank you enough. You have a life time customer. My son is going to purchase soon for his grinding.  THANKS LIZ XXX"

Why buy from me? Our product has been on sale since 2004 and was one of the original self mold snore-guard pioneers. I don't just sell mouthguards though - I aim to provide education and cutting edge research so that you can make an informed decision about your snoring treatment. My name is Elizabeth Horne and you can read a little about me over to the right!  I also run a facebook forum and provide regular tips if you 'like' my page to keep you in the loop with cutting edge science in the 'sleep field'.  You can read about that...over to the left!

Why is my business unique? Because I provide 7 day personal service. That's right - email me, text me or call 7 days and I promise to get back to you promptly. If it's the weekend I may contact you to make a time to connect a little later in the day - but I will always help you. I'd rather people contacted me with any issues than struggle along and perhaps come to believe this type of product is not effective.  I do not use a call centre, so bear with me and I promise I'll call and attend to you personally.  Or drop me an email - it follows me everywhere so I can reply on the fly - even if it's the weekend.  That's my point of difference.   

  "...I have been most impressed with the way you have handled my requirements and will have no hesitation in recomending your products to other sufferers.  I live in one of the largest retirement resorts in Australia so have plenty of opportunity to recommend you and your products to many people who need them..."   D.                                                                                                                

Click here to see how a really good mold looks up close - or you can also see it over to the right of this page.  Notice the guard becomes more transparent and clearly bears the imprint of teeth.  If your molded guard does not look like this please refer to your instructions and the tips I provide in your shipping details or call me for help!  About 10% of people DO need my help - so don't be backward in coming forward.  A photo of your guard always helps - just drop me a line and attach the photo and I'll have you sorted in no time!

Since 2004 we have helped over 50,000 people to treat their snoring.  Our refund rate is around 1 in 60 - mainly because most customers are awesome enough to contact me the first morning after using the guard if there's any issues.  Around 90% of people are just fine on their won, but around 10% need help as all our mouths are different of course!

"....Enjoyed my chat with you Saturday and I'm more than impressed, so glad that I found an Australian to deal with and to talk to."  Malcolm.

Product Facts:
  This product is a BPA free Australian made (discreet) thermoplastic Mandibular Advancement Device, similar in mechanical principle to a custom made dental appliance, but priced to provide an affordable, effective snoring treatment for both male and female sufferers.   Please don't be tempted to go super cheap with overseas imports - these products come with no backup service, no guarantee and are mostly not BPA free.

And ladies, please see the tabs to the left where we offer advice on menopausal snoring and how unbalanced hormones can affect our quality of sleep, health and amazingly our weight.  Our device is stocked by sleep disorder equipment suppliers and we are currently trialing our product with dentists who recognise that a professionally fitted Mandibular Splint may not be affordable for everyone.  

Why you need to treat your snoring!   Pretend you are about to drift off to sleep on your back (or you have turned onto your back during a sleep rousal). As you drift off again you are in light sleep and breathing is not an issue.  After a while you move into deep sleep and your throat muscles relax which allows your tongue to drop back slightly.  Your brain senses that your airways have been partially blocked by the vibration and it sends an urgent signal to wake up.  If you don't wake entirely you will move into light sleep again and this may happen hundreds of times a night as you snort yourself awake. 

Ladies and Snoring?     Yes ladies there's no hiding....we snore too!  In fact about 40% of my customers are ladies buying the pink SnoreFemme!  Same product but tinted pink so there are no mixups!  (Lots of couples BOTH use a mouthguard now!)

Instantly Stop Snoring Mouthpiece

"... Dear Liz, I can't and more importantly my husband can't thank you enough for this device.  Have not snored since my first night of using it, in fact m y husband woke me up last night as it had fallen out of my mouth & I was snoring once again but as soon as I popped it back in there was silence!!!  Many thanks to you, with love from J"

Once again - like a quick snapshot of how the device works? First, make a snoring noise...then, move your lower jaw slightly forward and now try to make a snoring noise again.  Preferably do this lying down on your back to start.  Moving the mandible (jaw) very slightly forward actually moves the tongue muscle forward slightly also, which clears the airways and prevents your tongue from dropping back and vibrating or blocking the airways intermittently.  It's that simple!

For immediate purchase and delivery click on the appropriate choice from the drop down menu on the right!  If you have any trouble ordering with your card via PayPal please call me on 1800 991 259 to have your order taken by telephone, or please see the ordering page for more payment options. 

Purchase Options - don't forget our promo offer - buy two twinpaks (one for family or friends) for a total of $115.  This represents a saving of 25% on the second device!  Give the gift of health - or simply take advantage of this price to stock up yourself! 

Please note single twinpak costs for clear or pink SnoreFemme remain $64.95 including FREE delivery.

"...Another awesome day. Slept in REALLY REALLY late (which never happens lately).  Thanks to my new anti snoring device. I purchased it from are also on Facebook, which is where I saw their ad) and it works wonderfully. I moulded it and it worked fairly well one the first night but I was not happy with the fit so I re-moulded it and it works all night now without falling out of my mouth. PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS AND DO EXACTLY AS THEY SAY, also you get two of them for under $70. Nigel thinks it is wonderful too as I now don't snore at all and he gets an uninterupted night sleep without me chainsawing tonnes of wood beside him in bed yayyyy.
Now my friends, if you are going to buy this product please be aware that it is true in the products blurb that you will get a slight feeling of jaw ache and a slight feeling of pressure ache on your teeth but that does not last long at all ( a week approx) as it puts your bottom jaw in a forward position (and I have slightly buck teeth and it still worked for me). I can honestly say I was dubious if it would work but I had to try something or Nigel was never going to get sleep while sharing a bed with me. Now I wake up refreshed and so does he. If you snore please give this a try. I can't recommend it highly enough. Thanks so much Elizabeth, this is a god send."




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When awake, muscles and posture hold the airway open.  There is no obstruction, breathing is unrestricted and quiet.


When sleeping, muscles relax and the airway becomes obstructed.  Breathing is laboured and noisy.


The mouthpiece is worn in the mouth while sleeping, and holds the snorer’s lower jaw in a forward extended position.  This moves the base of the tongue away from the back of the airway and the soft palate, removing the obstruction and restoring quiet breathing.





Our product and company  is 'Fully Aussie'! - BPA Free  ARTG#115164 : 13/4/2004

We also welcome our overseas customers with free daily shipping available.

7 day personalised help - I challenge you to find better service! 

(unmolded examples)

$64.95 for two devices includes free local and international shipping   

This will give you approximately 18 months of continuous use

Pay with secure PayPal or via credit or debit card - or use a prepaid charge card from your local post office!

Prompt telephone or email support - 365 days a year - 8am to 7pm. 

1800 991 259 or text your name to 0406 042 699 or


My name is Elizabeth Horne and this is an example of a molded Mandibular Advancement Splint.  I like to think my customer service and guarantee is about the best around!  But I do have one condition! In the interests of being fair - if I help you 7 days a week, please help me by reading the questions page or contacting me for queries re suitability if you are in any doubt prior to purchase.  This is not a resellable product - so to help me keep prices down and to provide 7 help please be fair!  I provide a 90 day guarantee - and I have years of experience with helping people over issues with overbites, underbites and other slightly trickier issues. If I don't believe you are suitable for the product in the first place - I'll tell you. To get the most out of your mouthguard please contact me the FIRST morning after you have used the device if you haven't had complete success. It is understandable that occasionally someone will encounter an issue during the simple molding process as everyone's mouth is a little different. All you need do is text or email me a photo of the molded guard along with a description of your issue and 99% of the time I know exactly what the problem is and can help you sort it promptly!  Sound fair?  And yes you really do get me personally on the phone - no call centres!  Because I do handle a lot of calls - the quickest way to get me 7 days a week is by email - it follows me on my phone and I'm happy to get back to you while waiting at the post office if you need help!  And that goes for weekends too! cheers!  Liz

Hello Liz I just wanted to tell you that after keeping the mouth guard in the drawer for a couple of months, I finally got it out just before Christmas and have been using it ever since: I am so happy with it! So thank you again for this effective device and such a simple solution!
P : Occupational Medical Coordinator

Hi Liz, the device arrived via Express Post on Tuesday (as promised).I followed the instructions and am very happy with the results as my snoring has stopped! I made sure this was the case by recording my last three night’s sleep. I needed to make a slight adjustment to the device last night which eliminated any noises coming from the wild animal.

Best of luck with your business and thank you for having such a wonderfully honest website and extremely useful information. Thank you for providing such a simple, yet working solution to snoring. I look forward to many peaceful night’s sleep! John


Click here to read about my background and what drives my thirst for knowledge and my quest to deliver outstanding products to support snoring and sleep issues!

Our product is now stocked by Victorian Sleep Clinics and other States will follow shortly.  Or simply purchase online or by phone for free overnight delivery - all through any holiday season. Drop me a line for more info


Hello Liz...after being quoted $1000 from a local snoring clinic for fitting of a similar device to that provided by you, I saw an ad for your product, at just a fraction of the cost, in an old magazine in the waiting room of a surgery. As I have not slept without waking up on average of four times a night for over 30 years, I decided to give your device a try despite the huge difference in price. On the very first night I slept continuously throughout the night and have continued to sleep peacefully ever since. I would therefore like to thank you for your product and excellent after sales service and would recommend Instantly Stop Snoring without hesitation to anyone with a similar problem. With thanks, Richard.